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Our College

Where the fertile plains of tonze river & lush green valleys of Sohagi ranges meet together!
A Calumniating point of God's creation and man's construction!


The DIM have been conceptualized and designed to be shining stars amongest top notch institute of U.P. We have a rich resourse poll of human captial, most with Ph.D and/or Postgraduate qualifications and some with international exposure. the unmatched academic ambience and physical insfrastructure are complemented by highly professionalized Management and Administration. we take pride in not only offering best-possibleducation but also building a sound base for a global professional carrer. Life at Devprayag institute of Management that provides higher management education is a judicious and producative blend of good education, health care and extra co-curricular activities. we have constituted a programme to provide profitable corporates exposure in industries to our students during the course of regular studies. We look at the campus as seat of learning for all who seek to enrich their knowledge, where the career development is a natural process. we belive that every youth has potential to develop inro a successful human being. We provide the enviroment and eduaction to our students so as to harness, nature and develop their skill and talents in the field of management.


Late Dr. SK Rastogi was the Founder Chairman of Devprayag Group of Institutions. An eminent Dental Surgeon widely known for his immense knowledge on Dental Surgery and his contribution in the field of medical science, research and education. Dr. Rastogi served as a Professor and Head at Rama Dental College, Kanpur and his profound interest in field of education led him to set up the Rastogi Dental Hospital and Research Centre, Devprayag School & College (2003), DITS (2009) and DIM (2010). As a result of his vision and leadership Devprayag Group of Institutions has grown on to become a premier institute in the field of education.


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