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Devprayag DDU-GKY Training Centre

Devprayag DDU-GKY Training Centre

It is pleasure and pride for the Allahabad that the government has given the sanction to train 650 BPL students (18 to 35 yrs.) in three years under DDU-GKY scheme from two districts Allahabad (350) and Kaushambi (300). The boys and girls of Kaushambi will be residing on campus. We are having both the hostels separately on campus. In hostels the dormitories are there. We are having mess also on campus.

The Centre for this training is at Phaphamau, Allahabad on Alld - Lko Highway. The name of the Centre is “Devprayag DDU-GKY Training Centre” under PDVAS.Since the training is given to the students who have passed Intermediate free of cost. They have to attend the classes regularly for 8 hours. The training will be given in 4 trades, which are:

  • Junior Software Developer                               :-832 hrs

  • Fitter Electrical Assembly                                 :-846 hrs

  • Field Technician – Computing and Peripherals :-1248 hrs

  • Field Engineer – RACW                                    :- 1331 hrs

Besides core training the basic knowledge of the Computers, English and Soft skills are also being given. After the training their placement will also have to be taken care of by the PIA.

For any other query please contact on the following numbers:
( 9335153868, 8858103742, 6392631423 and 7905922312)

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